10 Minute Pole Base Installation


Old pole base made from cement.

If you have ever installed a school zone beacon, pole mounted radar, or any pole for that matter, you know the process is a long, tiresome, 2-day process. Let’s not forget expensive – equipment, cement, payroll costs, etc. The picture on the left is the old pole base ready for a pole to be mounted on it. It’s not very attractive, takes up a lot of room, and requires a lot of work. We have perfected this process while at the same time, making it less of an eyesore. The new pole base requires a jack hammer and that’s it. Did I mention that installation takes less than 10 minutes? In TEN MINUTES you will be ready to mount your new pole, whether it has flashing beacons, a sign, or a radar face on it! We tested the process on a grassy ditch and on concrete. Watch the short videos below just to see exactly how fast you can put a new pole up.




There you have it! Literally, it only took 10 minutes. We didn’t have to return the next day to attach the pole, we didn’t have to let the concrete dry, and we didn’t have to “beat” the weather. The new base is smaller, more attractive, and easier to install than the old pole base. 

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