Alabama DOT Approves K&K Systems MUTCD Sign Alert Systems; Flashing Signs

High Water Sign


Recently, the Alabama Department of Transportation Product Evaluation Board (PEB) approved K&K Systems’ MUTCD Sign Alert Systems (MSAS) and  will be added to the Department ‘s  Materials, Sources, and Devices with Special Acceptance Requirements manual on List IV-2, Individual Traffic Signal Items under the heading “Flashers-School/Warning”.

Sign Alerts are small flashing LED lights embedded into MUTCD Compliant signs. The flashing LEDs enhance the visibility of a normal sign and help to increase visibility during inclement weather, fog, night hours, and such. Any MUTCD compliant sign you choose can be embedded with flashing LEDs.  Our most requested Sign Alert Systems include the Wrong Way,  Stop, Intersection Ahead, and School Zone Speed Limit Signs.

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