Arrow Board Truck Mount Options

K&K Systems’ Vehicle Mounted Arrow Boards are used by a  variety of users from small events, construction crews, maintenance crews,  to city and county level government agencies for many small applications. The reason vehicle mounted arrow boards are popular is they are quick and easy to set up, maneuver, and operate with only one person. You only need a truck and you’re ready to go! However, many people do not know the many different mounts that are available. We have the traditional low-profile mount which sits right behind the back glass of the truck. We also have an above the cab mount so that your rear view isn’t blocked. We also have a tailgate mount. This mounts the arrow board where the tailgate would be so that it doesn’t block the rear view and its in a visible location. Our last mounting option is a trailer hitch mount. Obviously, you need to have a trailer receiver hitch to upgrade to this option, but it is a very neat option as it frees up the bed of the truck, it’s out of the rear view, and it is also in a visible location.

Here are some pictures of the trailer hitch mount:

The trailer hitch mount simply plugs into the tail light plug to get power, and you manually control the functions from the back of the arrow board (inside the cabinet). The arrow board shown is a 25 lamp configuration, so it performs all arrow patterns plus the additional flashing corner lights.

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