Behind the Scenes and New Product Update!

First, we’d like to take you behind the scenes at K&K. At K&K, we strive to be the best in the traffic industry, but we fail to mention our gratitude for our employees that make this happen for us. Next, we want to show you one of our newest radars in action! The “Slow Down” radar is our newest product to the radar family. The “slow down” feature definitely draws the driver’s attention to their speed, causing them to hit the brakes. Hope you enjoy!


Behind the Scenes at K&K

There are a lot of people that put hard work and dedication into creating, building, and testing every one one of our 100+ products! The process of putting a typical arrow board together sounds pretty easy, but there is that saying “easier said than done.” Our employees have to weld, prime, paint, wire, and test the products from top to bottom. It’s a time consuming process. (I’m sure I left out some steps, but you get the point.) Our employees work their little tail off to ensure that our customers get the absolute best product. Not only that, they come to work everyday with a smile on their face, ready to make the roads safer! So K&K Systems would like to thank each and every employee that contributes to the process of creating K&K products!


Slow Down Radar

TRadarhe slow down radar is K&K’s newest product today! With the unique LED “slow down” sign,drivers are warned they are over the speed limit. This radar is ideal for speed zones, school zones, temporary construction zone, etc. The strobe light in the middle of the digits is another cool feature this product offers. If the “slow down” sign doesn’t get their attention, the strobe light will! Watch the demonstration below of local drivers reacting to the “slow down” radar. You’d be amazed how effective this product is! Contact K&K Systems for more information on this product. or call us at 888-414-3003.
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