Smithville, MS Adds Sign Alerts and Four-Way Stop

New Sign Alert Stop Sign at the intersection of Parham Store/Caldwell and Smithville Roads. Picture Courtesy of WTVA.

New Sign Alert Stop Sign at the intersection of Parham Store/Caldwell and Smithville Roads. Picture Courtesy of WTVA.


One of Smithville’s busiest intersections upgraded to a four-way stop this week. Multiple vehicle accidents have occurred at the intersection, prompting officials to find a solution. With the intersection so close to Smithville High School and its softball fields, officials recommended a four-way stop to also help slow down the traffic on the main road. On the Main road, Smithville Rd or also known as Smithville-Hatley Rd, the County installed two Sign Alert Stop Signs – A Stop Sign with embedded LEDs that flash 24-7. Also, above the four-way stop, the County installed a four-way 24-hour flashing beacon to help notify oncoming traffic of the new stop sign. After installing the Sign Alert Stop Signs and the 24-hour flashing beacons, a law enforcement officer parked near the intersection with its lights on to draw attention to and help transition residents to the new Four-Way Stop.

Read more on the new four-way stop in Smithville at WTVA:

Four way stops are great slowing down traffic, controlling traffic flow, and minimizing accidents on high volume city and county roads. Many optional upgrades are available for stop signs and 24-7 flashers to help increase the visibility and notify drivers of the upcoming intersection. Sign Alerts and Radars are just two:

1. Sign Alerts: Embedded LEDs in the stop sign that flash 24-7
2. Radar: Adding a radar to a 24-7 flashing beacon or Sign Alert increases battery life and helps eliminates drivers immunity to the flashing 24-7. When the radar detects oncoming traffic, it’ll trigger the LEDs to start flashing.

four-way Smithville

Four-Way 24-7 Flashing Beacons

Sign Alert Intersection

New Sign Alert Stop Sign at the intersection of Parham Store/Caldwell and Smithville Roads. Picture Courtesy of WTVA.





Crosswalk Solar Flashing Beacons

Recent installation of some of our new Crosswalk Solar Flashing Beacons aims to notify drivers when pedestrians are present and when they are crossing. When pedestrians push the button located on the pole to cross the street, the solar flashing beacon flashes to warn drivers of three things: 1. pedestrians are present and about to cross the street, 2. Traffic must stop and, 3. traffic may resume soon.

Once the beacon turns red, traffic must come to a halt and pedestrians are given the signal to cross the street. A fifteen second warning is given to any stragglers before the the solar beacon shuts off, letting traffic resume.

Order in which the beacons flash:

1. No beacons on – Traffic can resume

2. Yellow solid beacon and flashing wig-wag red beacons – Traffic be prepared to stop

3. Solid red beacons – Traffic must stop for pedestrians

4. Flashing wig-wag red beacons – Traffic can resume shortly

5. No beacons on – Traffic may resume

Sign Alert App for Android Devices

Recently, we released our Sign Alert App for IOS devices, and now we would like to introduce our Sign Alert App for Android Devices! Very similar to the IOS App, the Android App lets you:

  • choose a sign
  • change the size
  • change the number of LEDS
  • add upgrades and options

After you are finished building the sign you want, you receive an instant quote on the system. What are some of the awesome upgrades for our Sign Alert System?

  • Radar: activate the LEDs only when the radar detects oncoming traffic
  • 7 Day Timer: activate the LEDS during a certain time of the day (ex. during rush hour)
  • Diamond Grade Sheeting: increase the reflectivity of the signs by upgrading the sheeting
  • Sensor: activate the LEDS when the sensor detects moisture or high water level
  • And Many More Options

Lastly, our Sign Alert App reflects MUTCD compliant signs and sizes.

Download the App and see for yourself. (Click on the images below to download the app from the Google Play store)

Sign Alert App Sign Alert AppSign Alert App









MUTCD Sign Alert Signs


Don’t forget you can download our Sign Alert Poster which features
the MUTCD Signs, Sizes, and Code for easy ordering.
Want to know more about the poster? Find that here.







FREE MUTCD Sign Alert Poster

MUTCD Sign Alert SignsK&K Sign Alerts are MUTCD compliant signs with embedded LEDs that either flash 24/7 or can be triggered to flash during certain situations, such as when a button is pushed or when a timer activates it. Sign Alerts create a more visible sign for drivers especially during night hours, fog, or heavy rainfall. Obstructed view of signs are another factor drivers must compensate for, and the flashing LEDs help to overcome that obstacle.

Any sign can become a Sign Alert sign, and we really mean ANY sign. Just take a look at our poster. We created this custom poster just to give you an idea of the types of signs and situations in which flashing LEDs could be implemented. Also at the bottom of the poster is a line-up of our most commonly used attachments that activate the Sign Alerts at certain times or during certain situations.

Lastly, we included the MUTCD codes and sizes to create a seamless ordering process. You can get your free 24″x36″ poster download here. The download is a high resolution; print-ready file that you can send to any office printing store.
Check out our Sign Alert System Here!


photo 1Stop Sign priceDownload our Sign Alert app and build your perfect system. Change the size,  number or LEDS, and add different options and attachments. Best of all, you receive an instant quote!






Alabama DOT Approves K&K Systems MUTCD Sign Alert Systems; Flashing Signs

High Water Sign


Recently, the Alabama Department of Transportation Product Evaluation Board (PEB) approved K&K Systems’ MUTCD Sign Alert Systems (MSAS) and  will be added to the Department ‘s  Materials, Sources, and Devices with Special Acceptance Requirements manual on List IV-2, Individual Traffic Signal Items under the heading “Flashers-School/Warning”.

Sign Alerts are small flashing LED lights embedded into MUTCD Compliant signs. The flashing LEDs enhance the visibility of a normal sign and help to increase visibility during inclement weather, fog, night hours, and such. Any MUTCD compliant sign you choose can be embedded with flashing LEDs.  Our most requested Sign Alert Systems include the Wrong Way,  Stop, Intersection Ahead, and School Zone Speed Limit Signs.

Download our Sign Alert App available on iTunes and build your own Sign Alert System. (Android App Coming Soon)

Visit our Sign Alert Products





Arrowhead Stadium Revamps Its Parking Operations

Recently, Kansas City Chiefs’ parking services, Premier Parking Services, initiated an independent traffic study focusing on game day traffic. Upon results of the study, Premier Parking Services  changed the routes, parking lots, and restrictions. In order to relay all of the changes to this years’ game day fans and to ensure continuous and efficient traffic flow, Premier Parking Services knew plenty of signage needed to be readily available and visible from afar.

Premier Parking Services contacted us for help. The design of our message board and arrow board trailers caught their attention because they needed to elevate their signs so that fans could find the proper gate quickly and easily without holding up traffic.  Our custom built trailers are built in house, so it was simple to build Kansas City Chiefs a trailer to hoist their sign 7ft in the air. The purchase of 8 trailers  and highway grade signage will direct traffic, ease parking confusion, and get fans to their tailgate and stadium seats quicker!


Kansas City Chief's Message Sign FramesKansas City Chiefs' Message Boards






Kansas City Chiefs' Message BoardsKansasCity Chiefs Parking Signs









10 Minute Pole Base Installation


Old pole base made from cement.

If you have ever installed a school zone beacon, pole mounted radar, or any pole for that matter, you know the process is a long, tiresome, 2-day process. Let’s not forget expensive – equipment, cement, payroll costs, etc. The picture on the left is the old pole base ready for a pole to be mounted on it. It’s not very attractive, takes up a lot of room, and requires a lot of work. We have perfected this process while at the same time, making it less of an eyesore. The new pole base requires a jack hammer and that’s it. Did I mention that installation takes less than 10 minutes? In TEN MINUTES you will be ready to mount your new pole, whether it has flashing beacons, a sign, or a radar face on it! We tested the process on a grassy ditch and on concrete. Watch the short videos below just to see exactly how fast you can put a new pole up.




There you have it! Literally, it only took 10 minutes. We didn’t have to return the next day to attach the pole, we didn’t have to let the concrete dry, and we didn’t have to “beat” the weather. The new base is smaller, more attractive, and easier to install than the old pole base. 

Mini Messenger – Changeable Message Display

K&K Message Sign

Mini Messenger Changeable Message Display

 The Mini Messenger is a wireless one-line changeable message display ideal for emergency responders, government fleet trucks,  maintenance fleets, and more. Use the mini messenger to relay traffic accidents, road closures, delayed traffic times, detours, and etc. Available in 2ft or 4ft lengths, the mini messenger comes with easy-to-use software (shown below on the right) that allows you to create a static, flashing, or scrolling message with many fonts and font sizes to choose from. Connect the controller (shown below on the left) to the computer using the USB and save all created messages directly to the controller. The controller is able to record up to 99 programmed messages. The Mini Messenger has the ability to show split screen messages.



Over-the-tailgate mounts (shown below) can be purchased so that the Mini Messenger can be quickly and easily deployed and put away. Other mount options are available. please click here for more information on the Mini Messenger.

Mini Message Board Rear and Side View

Mini Messenger with optional Tailgate Mount


Sign Alerts

Intersection-AheadIf you haven’t checked out one of newest product lines – Sign Alerts – you should! What are “Sign Alerts?” Sign Alerts are MUTCD compliant signs with flashing LEDs embedded in the sign to create a more noticeable sign – to create awareness of what’s up ahead. LEDs come in amber, red, or white and are coordinated by sign choice. For example: If you want a stop sign and you want to make it a sign alert, we’ll embed red LEDs into the stop sign. Now those approaching a hard-to-see intersection know there’s a stop sign ahead. We have regular sign alerts like stop signs, intersection ahead, yield, etc. that flash 24/7, but we also have what we call SMART Sign Alert Systems. these are Sign Alert Systems that do not flash 24-7. In fact, they are activated by some sore of object or action.




SMART Sign Alert Systems


Timer Activated Systems – this includes school zones, construction zones, and even factories.




Remote Activated Systems – this includes emergency fleets such as fire trucks or ambulatory fleets that need to exit the premises quickly and safely.



Push Button Activated Systems – this includes crosswalks and pedestrian crossing (including school crossings) applications


Sensor Activated Systems – this includes systems that are activated by rain or sleet and systems that are activated by high water levels. These are particularly great for bridges that could flood or freeze.



These are just a few of the many applications that our sign alerts are used for, but certainly don’t limit the uses to only these suggestions! We recommend our Sign Alerts for any situation. If you want a sign with LEDs embedded into the sign – Just ask us! We’ll be able to custom design any system for your situation.

Download our SignAlert App in the iTunes Store!  Get an instant idea of how much a SignAlert would cost you with or without options,  with different number of LEDs, or with a different size sign.  **Android App coming soon!

Rectangular Rapid Flash Beacon – Crosswalk


Crosswalk Rapid Flash Beacon


The Rectangular Rapid Flash Beacon (RRFB) is a device using LED flashing beacons in combination with pedestrian warning signs, to provide a high-visibility strobe-like warning to drivers when pedestrians use a crosswalk. In general, RRFBs are a visual cue that pedestrians may begin crossing the roadway at any time. They are always accompanied by crosswalk markings and signs. According to a recent study by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, RRFBs were found to increase the effectiveness  in causing drivers to yield to pedestrians from 0-26% to 72-96%.  In summary, this was a two year study that focused on replacing traditional LED flashing beacons with the RRFBs in order to decrease the number of pedestrian fatalities caused by non-yielding drivers. The flashing pattern can be activated with pushbuttons or automated (e.g., video or infrared) pedestrian detection.



Key Benefits of RRFBs: 

  • RRFBs are a lower cost alternative to traffic signals and hybrid signals.
  • RRFBs at pedestrian crosswalks are dramatically more effective at increasing driver yielding rates to pedestrians than traditional overhead beacons.(see study mentioned above)
  • RRFBs  stutter flash may elicit a greater response from drivers than traditional methods.

Here’s a short video demo of the RRFB in action:


Recently, Southeastern Traffic Services purchased 2 of these units, and since, has been back to purchase 6 additional units for use in Georgia.

Custom Radar Trailer

Speed trailers remind drivers of the speed limit and capture their attention by one of two over speed violator alert features. K&K Systems has many different radar trailers available to fit your needs. Also, we can custom build an application that fits your needs such as this radar trailer, made specifically for the country of Venezuela.

Read the rest of this page »

Keeping Up With Demand

As Summer turns into Fall, We at K&K Systems have experience a growth spurt. Not only in the number of employees, but also in the number of new products ! We have experienced increasing amount of phone calls, orders, and customers. To say we are excited is an understatement.  So in order to keep giving you the BEST products, and in order to keep giving you the BEST customer service, and in order to keep giving you  the BEST technology, we have decided to add-on to our current facility!

IMG_6228 IMG_6234

The progress is coming along smoothly and quickly!

Once we are done, the new addition will be an extension of our current facility with a break room and new bathrooms, wide open floor plan to practice lean manufacturing, and tons of storage space!


Arrow Board Patterns and What Do They Mean?

Sure everyone as come across an arrow board on the highway, in a work zone, or at a major event; but have you ever came across an arrow board that displayed a pattern or mode that you had no idea what it meant? For the most part, arrow boards display arrow patterns like these:



We know what these mean: go left or go right, merge left or merge right.  If you didn’t know, well then, here’s your sign – literally. Of course not all arrow boards perform all of these modes. This depends on the size and the number of lamps an arrow board has, but that’s a different topic.

Have you ever encountered patterns that made you go: huh? Maybe you just thought the arrow board was going “dead” (which may be the case for some arrow board manufacturers).  Here are some not so popular modes some arrow boards can perform:


Arrow Board Caution patterns


Why in the world would an “arrow board” show more than just arrows? The answer is quite important: these patterns are for cautionary warnings. The first one: Corner Caution is the most popular and the only caution pattern required by OSHA. The other two: Caution Bar and Alternating Diamonds are just additional caution modes offered by some manufacturers. Cautionary modes can be used to indicate a work zone, dangerous section, or an accident ahead.


Arrow Boards are temporary traffic control devices used to control traffic, give advanced warning of lane closures, and or guide traffic through work zones or a traffic congested area. Although they are used more for directional warning or guidance, they can be used for their caution display modes. Be cautious of your surroundings, and obey all warning and traffic control signs/devices. They may just save your life; after all, they are there for safety reasons.

Rails to Trails

K&K Systems was recently contracted to custom build a safety system for both pedestrians and drivers for a project called Tanglefoot Trail. Tanglefoot Trail is a redesign project that is transforming old railroad tracks to a fun, safe trail for recreational use. The system we created will function as a motion sensor beacon. Motion detectors will be placed facing both directions on the trail. When the motion detector senses movement on the trail, the beacons on the road will begin to flash yellow, warning drivers to be cautious at the intersecting trail, and the beacons on the trail will begin to flash red, indicating for all trail-goers to stop at the upcoming intersecting roadway.

Safety was a major concern for officials and developers. That is why K&K was asked to build an application that will help to decrease pedestrian hazards where the pathway intersects major highways. There are three different highways that intersect at three different locations on the trail.  Tanglefoot Trail is not yet open to the public, but officials hope to have the path ready soon.

This is the article from Pontotoc Progress in Pontotoc, MS. K&K Maintenance Crew carefully installed the motion sensor beacons in one intersection.

Ways Stretch Your Dollar at K&K

Look at this amazing transformation! Sentinel Construction out of Franklin, TN had a few arrow boards that needed a facelift and minor maintenance. With our Restoration Program, Sentinel Construction was able to stretch a dollar and revamp their older arrow boards. The picture on the left is the arrow board they sent us – as is. The picture on the right is the SAME arrow board with a new paint job, new LEDs, new controller box, a new winch system, and up-to-date K&K Technology. The difference in the two pictures is outstanding! Not only did Sentinel Construction save a little money by having their unit restored, but also, they have a new arrow board that looks and operates like a brand new arrow board.

Arrow Board Restoration

Restoration isn’t the only way to stretch your dollar. K&K offers many options to get you the unit or system that you need.

You can RENT

We offer used and new rental units for job of all sizes and kinds. If your job is just temporary or you need a short term replacement, renting is far more cost effective than purchasing a brand new unit. Daily, weekly, bi-weekly, weekend, and monthly rates are available to meet your needs.

You can RESTORE your old units

As mentioned above, we can restore your existing unit to make it look and function like a brand new unit. The cost is a fraction of the price of purchasing a brand new unit, and you get up-to-date technology.

You can TRADE IN your old units

Swap one of your old units for a discount on the purchase of a new or used unit! We’ll examine the value of your unit and apply that amount towards your purchase of a new or used unit.

You can FINANCE the cost of new or used units

Financing lets you save your cash to use in other ways! Financing is quick and easy! With fast approvals, the purchase of your new K&K Unit is basically in your hands when you ask for it.

Lastly, you can BUY USED units

We have many used message boards and arrow boards that have been restored and updated with the latest technology. Backed by the K&K Guarantee – It’ll work just like it was brand new!


Arrow Board Truck Mount Options

K&K Systems’ Vehicle Mounted Arrow Boards are used by a  variety of users from small events, construction crews, maintenance crews,  to city and county level government agencies for many small applications. The reason vehicle mounted arrow boards are popular is they are quick and easy to set up, maneuver, and operate with only one person. You only need a truck and you’re ready to go! However, many people do not know the many different mounts that are available. We have the traditional low-profile mount which sits right behind the back glass of the truck. We also have an above the cab mount so that your rear view isn’t blocked. We also have a tailgate mount. This mounts the arrow board where the tailgate would be so that it doesn’t block the rear view and its in a visible location. Our last mounting option is a trailer hitch mount. Obviously, you need to have a trailer receiver hitch to upgrade to this option, but it is a very neat option as it frees up the bed of the truck, it’s out of the rear view, and it is also in a visible location.

Here are some pictures of the trailer hitch mount:

The trailer hitch mount simply plugs into the tail light plug to get power, and you manually control the functions from the back of the arrow board (inside the cabinet). The arrow board shown is a 25 lamp configuration, so it performs all arrow patterns plus the additional flashing corner lights.

CrossTalk™ for the Military Base

K&K’s most recent product development is the CrossTalk™. This remote is a solar beacon control device that “talks” to a single or multiple beacons at once and monitors beacon usage, driver feedback, and much more .

For example: Imagine you are a fireman at the fire station. You get a call and must leave in a hurry. You load up and quickly press a button before you leave. That button tells the crosstalk™ that you need the beacons outside of the station to start flashing so that oncoming traffic is warned of the emergency and slows down to let the fire truck through. The CrossTalk™ is programmed to flash for 1 minute, 3 minutes, or 30 minutes.

This is an amazing feature! Not only is it compatible with push button activated beacons, but also moisture sensor, water level sensor, remote activated, and standard 24-7 flasher beacons.

A military base needed a system it could easily and quickly change the LEDs on its custom solar radar beacons (also built by K&K). This particular solar radar beacon had three different speed levels noted by Green, Yellow, and Red. When the base needs to control traffic flow according to situations on the roadways, it can change the speed indicator on the beacons up to 5 miles away from their central office with the click of its easy to use remote control. The remote indicates which speed or LED is activated by the light underneath the button. The last button, orange, powers the radar on the solar beacon.  Click here to learn more! K&K is excited to create and build such an awesome product for a U.S. Military Base, and we cannot wait to hear how effective it is for them!

Watch our product demonstration on the CrossTalk™





24-7 Specialty Lights

K&K Acquires New Bids

K&K Systems was recently awarded the winning bid for three solar powered portable changeable messages signs for the City of Memphis, TN Police Department.  The description and product features can be found here. Additionally, GPS will be added to the messages signs as an optional upgrade.

Also, Madison County, AL  Board of Education has awarded K&K Systems a One Year Contract renewal for School Zone Flashers. K&K will provide  model 112-D12 to Madison School District upon request for up to one year. All of K&K Systems’ school zone flashers fit into the Safe Routes To School infrastructure funding models and have various options available.

K&K Introduces Finance Program for Contractors and Small Businesses

For the holidays, K&K is offering 0% APR up to 24 months on its highway safety and traffic control products. This includes radars, arrow boards, or message boards. 0% APR can be applied to new purchases, trade-ins, and refurbished units.

  • 100% Financing
  • Fast and Easy Credit Approval
  • Tax Benefits
  • zero Interest

This is a limited time opportunity and will end January 31, 2013.

Why should you Finance?
Financing lets you save your cash to use in other ways. This simplifies cost justification, increases profit margins, and grows your business. Financing is Quick and Easy! With fast approvals, the purchase of your new K&K System product is basically in your hands when you ask for it!

Contact an Account Manager today to see if Financing fits into your budget! Email us at or call us at 888-414-3003

Already received a quote? Want to see if you are approved for 0% Financing? Fill out our credit application and return it to us!






Is speeding an issue in your school zone?

Check out all of our solar flasher beacons to find the right one for you!

K&K Acquires New Contracts in Tennessee

K&K Systems signed a contract with the Tennessee Department of Transportation around June 2011. Within this two year contract, K&K is to refurbish 20 message boards! We are excited to announce we are ahead of schedule! With eight months left, we have only four message boards left to complete.




There are multiple steps taken when we refurbish message boards, especially in the condition that they come in.

1. Take the entire system apart.
2. Sand down the trailer.
3. Prime and Paint the trailer
4. Replace the Display Board and LED Panels
5. Replace Batteries, Battery Charger, Jacks, and the Controller

I know these five steps seem like easy work, but each step is a long tedious process that can take up to six days to complete. We work hard every day to ensure that our message boards meet specific requirements and top notch standards! It’s in the air that a contract renewal with TNDOT is being discussed! We can’t wait to “get the message across” Tennessee! If you are interested in our refurb contracts, contact K&K Systems at or contact your account manager for more details.


Also,  Chip Phillips, Account Manager for Tennessee, just secured a contract with the City of Clarksville, TN. This is a contract to supply the City of Clarksville with eight “Driver Feedback Signs”. The picture to the left is the system K&K will be implementing. If you’re curious, this system is similar to our solar School Zone Flasher We simply upgraded the radar to a 16″ radar instead of the 10″, and instead of our lights being stacked, we will place them side by side like pictured. Solar School Zone flasher beacons are used to help warn traffic of reduced speed limits and increased pedestrian traffic. K&K is more than excited to enter into this contract with the City of Clarksville as we strive to make roads safe – one system at a time!


Lee County 4-Way Stop Light

Just a month ago, Lee County of Mississippi faced a tragic death at a dangerous intersection. This happened to be the first fatality at this intersection; however, this community didn’t want it to happen again. To prevent any more accidents or deaths, Lee county put up a solar four-way stop light at the intersection of County Roads 300 and 506. This intersection is one of the busiest intersections in Lee County.














The 4-way stop signs were already in place, but this intersection needed an additional warning signal that would warn drivers of the intersection before they got too close. K&K Systems was delighted to custom build and install the new solar 4-way stop light at the intersection. We went to inspect the new addition, and as we drove near the intersection, the new light was doing its job! We could see it before we ever knew there was a stop sign coming up! As we went to inspect it, we noticed exactly how busy that intersection actually was. Within 5 minutes, there were numerous vehicles that came through that intersection! As a traffic safety manufacturer, we hope that the solar 4-way stop light can create safety for drivers and provide advanced warning to those unfamiliar with the area. To prevent something as tragic as last month’s accident is something everyone hopes to accomplish.

K&K Welcomes New Employees

K&K Systems would like to introduce two of our newest employees.


K&K Systems Secretary


K&K Systems is growing so fast, we needed another secretary! Mercedes Payne is perfect for the job. With her Associates Degree in Computer Programming, her knowledge will help K&K tremendously! Currently, she attends Itawamba Community College in hopes to receive another Associates Degree in Office Systems and Microcomputers.










Butch Keith is our newest Account Manager. With a long career background in construction, Butch is excited to start his new career in sales as the Account Manager of Arkansas. Butch used to work as an estimator for Ethridge Construction for ten years until he started his own construction company. Now, he wants use his expertise to help bring K&K Systems to the top of the Traffic Safety Industry.





Behind the Scenes and New Product Update!

First, we’d like to take you behind the scenes at K&K. At K&K, we strive to be the best in the traffic industry, but we fail to mention our gratitude for our employees that make this happen for us. Next, we want to show you one of our newest radars in action! The “Slow Down” radar is our newest product to the radar family. The “slow down” feature definitely draws the driver’s attention to their speed, causing them to hit the brakes. Hope you enjoy!


Behind the Scenes at K&K

There are a lot of people that put hard work and dedication into creating, building, and testing every one one of our 100+ products! The process of putting a typical arrow board together sounds pretty easy, but there is that saying “easier said than done.” Our employees have to weld, prime, paint, wire, and test the products from top to bottom. It’s a time consuming process. (I’m sure I left out some steps, but you get the point.) Our employees work their little tail off to ensure that our customers get the absolute best product. Not only that, they come to work everyday with a smile on their face, ready to make the roads safer! So K&K Systems would like to thank each and every employee that contributes to the process of creating K&K products!


Slow Down Radar

TRadarhe slow down radar is K&K’s newest product today! With the unique LED “slow down” sign,drivers are warned they are over the speed limit. This radar is ideal for speed zones, school zones, temporary construction zone, etc. The strobe light in the middle of the digits is another cool feature this product offers. If the “slow down” sign doesn’t get their attention, the strobe light will! Watch the demonstration below of local drivers reacting to the “slow down” radar. You’d be amazed how effective this product is! Contact K&K Systems for more information on this product. or call us at 888-414-3003.

Welcome to the K&K Sales Team


K&K Systems is happy to introduce the newest member to our sales team:

Trae Luttrell

He will be the new Regional Account Manager for the state of Louisiana. With a vast amount of experience, Trae is excited and ready to “light-up” Louisiana! Call him today to see what he can do for you. 888-414-3003, or email him for more information at





K&K Systems has Dealers near you!

K&K Systems is Growing!

We now have NEW dealers in Texas, North Carolina, New Jersey,

Missouri, Virginia, Mississippi, and Tennessee!

We are more than excited to partner with such great companies!

Check out our Dealer page on our website to find a dealer near you.

To find out how your company can become a dealer, contact or call us at 1-888-414-3003.

You can also fill out our Dealer Application on our website, and somebody will contact you within 24 hours!



K&K Systems, Inc. announces Trade-In Program

K&K Systems, Inc. announces its Equipment Trade-In Program

If you have an old message board or old arrow board, K&K Systems, Inc. wants it! With our new Trade-In Program, you can trade your old message or arrow board for a discount on a BRAND NEW message or arrow board.

Don’t wait! This is a limited time offer!!

The board can be made by any manufacturer
The board does not have to be working

The board can be in any condition

Message Board trailer full matrix K&K


It’s simple: You give us your old board, and we give you a BRAND NEW board at a discounted price! Regardless of the board’s condition, as long as the solar panel, display board, and hydraulics are still intact, you are eligible! Just contact your K&K Systems Regional Account Manager to take advantage of the limited time opportunity today!

Be sure to tell them you are interested in the Trade-In Program.

If you have not been assigned a K&K Systems Regional Account Manager, what are you waiting for? Email now, and a Regional Account Manager will contact you!

24 hour Solar school zone flashers

Shipment made to State of California for solar school zone flasher

Clock Programming Training Video now available

Mike Reinhart who is part of K&K Systems support team has put together a series of videos to help first time users of our timer system for our Solar Flasher Beacon families.  Check them out on our YouTube channel: