CrossTalk™ for the Military Base

K&K’s most recent product development is the CrossTalk™. This remote is a solar beacon control device that “talks” to a single or multiple beacons at once and monitors beacon usage, driver feedback, and much more .

For example: Imagine you are a fireman at the fire station. You get a call and must leave in a hurry. You load up and quickly press a button before you leave. That button tells the crosstalk™ that you need the beacons outside of the station to start flashing so that oncoming traffic is warned of the emergency and slows down to let the fire truck through. The CrossTalk™ is programmed to flash for 1 minute, 3 minutes, or 30 minutes.

This is an amazing feature! Not only is it compatible with push button activated beacons, but also moisture sensor, water level sensor, remote activated, and standard 24-7 flasher beacons.

A military base needed a system it could easily and quickly change the LEDs on its custom solar radar beacons (also built by K&K). This particular solar radar beacon had three different speed levels noted by Green, Yellow, and Red. When the base needs to control traffic flow according to situations on the roadways, it can change the speed indicator on the beacons up to 5 miles away from their central office with the click of its easy to use remote control. The remote indicates which speed or LED is activated by the light underneath the button. The last button, orange, powers the radar on the solar beacon.  Click here to learn more! K&K is excited to create and build such an awesome product for a U.S. Military Base, and we cannot wait to hear how effective it is for them!

Watch our product demonstration on the CrossTalk™





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