Crosswalk Solar Flashing Beacons

Recent installation of some of our new Crosswalk Solar Flashing Beacons aims to notify drivers when pedestrians are present and when they are crossing. When pedestrians push the button located on the pole to cross the street, the solar flashing beacon flashes to warn drivers of three things: 1. pedestrians are present and about to cross the street, 2. Traffic must stop and, 3. traffic may resume soon.

Once the beacon turns red, traffic must come to a halt and pedestrians are given the signal to cross the street. A fifteen second warning is given to any stragglers before the the solar beacon shuts off, letting traffic resume.

Order in which the beacons flash:

1. No beacons on – Traffic can resume

2. Yellow solid beacon and flashing wig-wag red beacons – Traffic be prepared to stop

3. Solid red beacons – Traffic must stop for pedestrians

4. Flashing wig-wag red beacons – Traffic can resume shortly

5. No beacons on – Traffic may resume

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