Custom Radar Trailer

Speed trailers remind drivers of the speed limit and capture their attention by one of two over speed violator alert features. K&K Systems has many different radar trailers available to fit your needs. Also, we can custom build an application that fits your needs such as this radar trailer, made specifically for the country of Venezuela.
Venezuala Radar Trailer with MB

What you are seeing is a version of our Radar Trailer Model 2002R20. Although, this radar trailer looks similar to our line of radars we offer, we made modifications to meet the requirements for the country of Venezuela. Of course, since Venezuela uses the metric system, we needed to add another placeholder for the digits on both the Radar display and the signage. This allows 3 digit speeds to show on the display. It’s equipped with our two standard violator alert features, blanking violator alert and over speed violator alert, but officials wanted a little something more. We added a wireless one line LED message display capable of 99 pre-programmed messages. We programmed about 20 Spanish messages in there already, but the software is so easy to add or delete messages, it’s effortless! This LED message display can show static messages or scrolling messages, different sizes, fonts, and effects! We are finishing up this custom order and sending all 49 Radar Trailers to Venezuela to create better, safer roads!

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