FREE MUTCD Sign Alert Poster

MUTCD Sign Alert SignsK&K Sign Alerts are MUTCD compliant signs with embedded LEDs that either flash 24/7 or can be triggered to flash during certain situations, such as when a button is pushed or when a timer activates it. Sign Alerts create a more visible sign for drivers especially during night hours, fog, or heavy rainfall. Obstructed view of signs are another factor drivers must compensate for, and the flashing LEDs help to overcome that obstacle.

Any sign can become a Sign Alert sign, and we really mean ANY sign. Just take a look at our poster. We created this custom poster just to give you an idea of the types of signs and situations in which flashing LEDs could be implemented. Also at the bottom of the poster is a line-up of our most commonly used attachments that activate the Sign Alerts at certain times or during certain situations.

Lastly, we included the MUTCD codes and sizes to create a seamless ordering process. You can get your free 24″x36″ poster download here. The download is a high resolution; print-ready file that you can send to any office printing store.
Check out our Sign Alert System Here!


photo 1Stop Sign priceDownload our Sign Alert app and build your perfect system. Change the size,  number or LEDS, and add different options and attachments. Best of all, you receive an instant quote!






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