K&K Acquires New Contracts in Tennessee

K&K Systems signed a contract with the Tennessee Department of Transportation around June 2011. Within this two year contract, K&K is to refurbish 20 message boards! We are excited to announce we are ahead of schedule! With eight months left, we have only four message boards left to complete.




There are multiple steps taken when we refurbish message boards, especially in the condition that they come in.

1. Take the entire system apart.
2. Sand down the trailer.
3. Prime and Paint the trailer
4. Replace the Display Board and LED Panels
5. Replace Batteries, Battery Charger, Jacks, and the Controller

I know these five steps seem like easy work, but each step is a long tedious process that can take up to six days to complete. We work hard every day to ensure that our message boards meet specific requirements and top notch standards! It’s in the air that a contract renewal with TNDOT is being discussed! We can’t wait to “get the message across” Tennessee! If you are interested in our refurb contracts, contact K&K Systems at sales@k-ksystems.com or contact your account manager for more details.


Also,¬† Chip Phillips, Account Manager for Tennessee, just secured a contract with the City of Clarksville, TN. This is a contract to supply the City of Clarksville with eight “Driver Feedback Signs”. The picture to the left is the system K&K will be implementing. If you’re curious, this system is similar to our solar School Zone Flasher¬†We simply upgraded the radar to a 16″ radar instead of the 10″, and instead of our lights being stacked, we will place them side by side like pictured. Solar School Zone flasher beacons are used to help warn traffic of reduced speed limits and increased pedestrian traffic. K&K is more than excited to enter into this contract with the City of Clarksville as we strive to make roads safe – one system at a time!


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