Lee County 4-Way Stop Light

Just a month ago, Lee County of Mississippi faced a tragic death at a dangerous intersection. This happened to be the first fatality at this intersection; however, this community didn’t want it to happen again. To prevent any more accidents or deaths, Lee county put up a solar four-way stop light at the intersection of County Roads 300 and 506. This intersection is one of the busiest intersections in Lee County.














The 4-way stop signs were already in place, but this intersection needed an additional warning signal that would warn drivers of the intersection before they got too close. K&K Systems was delighted to custom build and install the new solar 4-way stop light at the intersection. We went to inspect the new addition, and as we drove near the intersection, the new light was doing its job! We could see it before we ever knew there was a stop sign coming up! As we went to inspect it, we noticed exactly how busy that intersection actually was. Within 5 minutes, there were numerous vehicles that came through that intersection! As a traffic safety manufacturer, we hope that the solar 4-way stop light can create safety for drivers and provide advanced warning to those unfamiliar with the area. To prevent something as tragic as last month’s accident is something everyone hopes to accomplish.

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