Trailer Mounted Arrow Boards


• Meets MUTCD

• Rotating 360° Telescopic Mast

• Jack on Each Corner

• Super Bright  LED Technology

• Powder Coat Paint

• 360 Degree  LED visors

• 7 or 12 Function Controls

• 30-40 Flash Rate

• 15″ Tires

• Solar Powered

• NTPEP Tested

• Removable Tongue

• Lockable Cabinets

• Photocell For Auto Dimming

• Lightweight


Model Shown:AT254896WT






Trailer Dimensions

  • Length with tongue:  90”
  • Length without tongue:  55″
  • Width with fenders:  68 ½”

Trailer Specifications

  • Frame:  2” x 2” x 1/8” tubular steel
  • Paint:  Powder paint, orange with zinc primer
  • Salt spray fog:  1,000 hours
  • UV Resistance:  500 hours
  • Axle and Springs:  Straight tubular steel 3500 pounds
  • 15” Wheels and Tires:  5 lug – P205-75/R15
  • Fenders:  16 – gauge steel
  • Tongue and Safety chains:  2” hitch, ¼” safety chains with hooks
  • Jacks:  Adjustable 10” jacks (2000 lbs. capacity) on each corner of the trailer.
  • Tail lights:  Dual combination reflective lights with stop, tail and turn signal.  License plate bracket.
  • Lift winch:  Gear ration -4:1, Load Capacity-1200 lbs. Reel Capacity 58 ft.
  • Wiring:  Enclosed in jacketed cable or conduit.
  • Battery/Controller box:  Steel fabrication, lockable, hinged, vented.

Sign Display

  • Height:   48”
  • Length:   96”
  • Width:  3 3/8″
  • Material:  .080 Aluminum frame 48″ x 96″ w/(2) 47 3/4″ cross members
  •                   .063 Aluminum front panel  48″ x 96″
  •                   .063 Aluminum back panel  48″ x 96″
  • Back skin:  constructed of .063 aluminum
  • Viewing Window:  125 thick polycarbonate with UV matte finish
  • Paint:  All powder coated
  • Flat black finish to reduce glare
  • Salt spray fog:  1,000 hours
  • UV resistance:  500 hours
  • LED bulbs:  (25) yellow/amber  Par 46 LED’s with 360″ high impact plastic visor
  • Push on type connectors to prevent separation due to vibration during travel and operation.

Photocell Assembly

  • Monitors ambient light conditions and adjusts brightness accordingly

Power and Charging

  • Battery bank:
    • Typical installation is one pair (225 amp) 6-volt batteries wired for 225 combined amps maximum output.
    • Electronic Circuitry:
      • Solid state, reverse polarity protection, properly fused,  disconnects on all cables.

Solar Panel

  • Typical Electrical Characteristics  40 W
  • Voltage at Pmax (V mp)       17.3 V
  • Current at Pmax (IMP)        2.31 A
  • Short-Circuit Current (Isc)   2.57 A
  • Open-Circuit Voltage (Voc)   21.6 V

Solid State Regulator

Electrical Specifications:

  • Voltage: 12/24V
  • Rated Solar Input: 10A
  • Rated Load Current:   10A
  • Equalization Voltage:   14.8V
  • Boost Battery:  14.4V
  • Float Battery:   13.6V
  • Low Voltage Disconnect:  11.1V
  • Low Voltage Reconnect:   13.1V
  • Self-Consumption:  6 mA
  • Operating Temp.    -35 to +55ºC

25 Light Control Box:

  • Auto – automatically adjusts the power to the lights from 100% (daytime use) to 50% (nighttime use) depending on the ambient light. The auto dimming is controlled through a photocell mounted in the bottom of each arrow board where it will be protected from vehicle headlights and street lamps.
  • Bright – maintains 100% power to the lights regardless of the ambient light.
  • Dim – maintains 50% power to the lights regardless of ambient light.
  • The Control Box has (12) flashing modes to choose from:
    • Single flashing arrow Left
    • Single flashing arrow Right
    • Sequential arrow Left
    • Sequential arrow Right
    • Double flashing arrow
    • Caution alternating diamonds
    • Caution center bar
    • Caution four corners
    • Chevron Left
    • Chevron Right
    • Stem arrow Left
    • Stem arrow Right

Control Functions:

  • Power Switch – Provides power from the control box to the Arrow Board
  • Power Indicator Light – The LED indicates the Control Box has power and is ready for operation
  • Fuse – Protects the wiring from damage in the event of a malfunction
  • Mode Selector – Provides selection of the warning modes.
  • Manual Dim Switch – Provides the user with the ability to override the photocell used for the automatic dimming when an unusual situation occurs (such as the vehicle being parked under a streetlight at night).
A3BL Three small amber indicator lights added to the back of display.
ADDB12100W-27 Add battery pack with 12 volt 100 amp wet cell battery.
ADD20W Additional 20 watt solar panel.
ADD40W Additional 40 watt solar panel
ATDF Diamond plate floor.
BCH-1212 12 amp battery charger.
BCH-1260 60 amp battery charger.
CPAINT Custom Paint: other than white, orange or black (15 day lead time).
CT Conspicuity tape 16 ft (reflective).
EXB06225 Replace battery pack with two-6 volt batteries for a total of 225 amps.
EXB12360 Replace battery pack with 12 volt 360 amp battery.
EXB12480 Replace battery pack with 12 volt 480 amp battery.
HM Hour Meter.
ST Site tube.
TAXL Axle lock for anti theft.
TBBD Bulldog coupler & adjustable height channel.
TBPR Pintle ring hitch coupler & adjustable height channel.
TLLN Locking lug nuts.
TLT LED taillights.
TP Tow plate – 4″ x 6″ angle with 2″ ball
TPLUG-6 6-round contact to 4-flat adaptor
TPLUG-7 7-round contact to 4-flat adaptor
TPLUGA-6 6 contact metal connector with spring.
TPLUGA-7 7 contact metal connector with spring.
TTJ Tongue jack.
TTS 15″ spare tire with mount.
UP-CC-IP30-30 Upgrade to 30 amp regulator with meter.


Question: What is lead time on these units?

Answer: Lead time is approx 4-6 weeks
Question: What are dimensions of the 25 & 15 lamp arrowboard?

Answer: The panel size is 48×96 for 25 lamp and 15 lamp on trailer.
Question: What colors are available?

Answer: Orange is our standard color for the trailer but you can get any custom color, just check out our options tab for more details on the model of interest.
Question: What type of paint is used?

Answer: We use a powder coat paint system.
Question: How many batteries and what type are used?
Answer: Our standard system has (1) 12 volt 125 amp battery.
Question: What other types of batteries can be used?

Answer: Any battery system wired for 12 volt operation will work – just make sure it is a deep cycle type battery.
Question: How long will batteries last?

Answer: Typical life span of a battery is anywhere from 3-5 years.
Question: Are batteries available locally or do I have to purchase them from K & K?

Answer: You can purchase them locally or from K&K.
Question: How long will unit run without solar?

Answer: Our standard system can work for 18+ days without the aid of solar.
Question: Can you add more solar?

Answer: Yes, more solar can be added but our standard system should be fine in most cases. Take a look at our options tab to see more details.
Question: How do I know how much solar I need?

Answer: Our standard system should be fine but if you believe you need more solar just give us a call at 888-414-3003 and we will give you a free analysis.
Question: How many flashing modes?

Answer: The 15 lamp arrow board has 7 functions and the 25 lamp arrow board has 12 functions.
Question: Can it be hydraulic or winch style?

Answer: Our Arrow board trailers all utilize a winch style trailer.
Question: What size tires are on trailer?

Answer: We have 15” tires on all of our arrow board trailers.
Question: Are tires available locally or do I have to purchase from K & K?

Answer: You may purchase tires locally or from K&K.
Question: Is a lock provided with the trailer for the cabinet?

Answer: Our cabinets come with twist latches that will allow you to adapt a padlock. You can get an optional lock from us or you can buy one locally.
Question: If I buy my own lock, what type do I need?

Answer: A standard padlock will work just fine.
Question: Is a battery charger available?

Answer: Yes, a battery charger is available as one of our options but in most cases it is not needed.
Question: Can it be towed easily?

Answer: Yes, the arrow board is balanced perfectly to be able to be towed at regular highway speeds.
Question: Does it have auto dimming?

Answer: Yes, they all have auto dimming capability and also have a manual setting if needed; however, auto is our recommendation to save your energy.
Question: What types of tail lights are available?

Answer: Our standard taillights meet all standards. If you would like LED taillights, please see our options tab for more details.
Question: Is the license plate bracket included?

Answer: Yes, a license plate bracket is included.

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