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Question: What is lead time on these units?

Answer: Lead time is approx 4-6 weeks
Question: What are dimensions of the 25 & 15 lamp arrowboard?

Answer: The panel size is 48×96 for 25 lamp and 15 lamp on trailer.
Question: What colors are available?

Answer: Orange is our standard color for the trailer but you can get any custom color, just check out our options tab for more details on the model of interest.
Question: What type of paint is used?

Answer: We use a powder coat paint system.
Question: How many batteries and what type are used?
Answer: Our standard system has (1) 12 volt 125 amp battery.
Question: What other types of batteries can be used?

Answer: Any battery system wired for 12 volt operation will work – just make sure it is a deep cycle type battery.
Question: How long will batteries last?

Answer: Typical life span of a battery is anywhere from 3-5 years.
Question: Are batteries available locally or do I have to purchase them from K & K?

Answer: You can purchase them locally or from K&K.
Question: How long will unit run without solar?

Answer: Our standard system can work for 18+ days without the aid of solar.
Question: Can you add more solar?

Answer: Yes, more solar can be added but our standard system should be fine in most cases. Take a look at our options tab to see more details.
Question: How do I know how much solar I need?

Answer: Our standard system should be fine but if you believe you need more solar just give us a call at 888-414-3003 and we will give you a free analysis.
Question: How many flashing modes?

Answer: The 15 lamp arrow board has 7 functions and the 25 lamp arrow board has 12 functions.
Question: Can it be hydraulic or winch style?

Answer: Our Arrow board trailers all utilize a winch style trailer.
Question: What size tires are on trailer?

Answer: We have 15” tires on all of our arrow board trailers.
Question: Are tires available locally or do I have to purchase from K & K?

Answer: You may purchase tires locally or from K&K.
Question: Is a lock provided with the trailer for the cabinet?

Answer: Our cabinets come with twist latches that will allow you to adapt a padlock. You can get an optional lock from us or you can buy one locally.
Question: If I buy my own lock, what type do I need?

Answer: A standard padlock will work just fine.
Question: Is a battery charger available?

Answer: Yes, a battery charger is available as one of our options but in most cases it is not needed.
Question: Can it be towed easily?

Answer: Yes, the arrow board is balanced perfectly to be able to be towed at regular highway speeds.
Question: Does it have auto dimming?

Answer: Yes, they all have auto dimming capability and also have a manual setting if needed; however, auto is our recommendation to save your energy.
Question: What types of tail lights are available?

Answer: Our standard taillights meet all standards. If you would like LED taillights, please see our options tab for more details.
Question: Is the license plate bracket included?

Answer: Yes, a license plate bracket is included.