Arrow Board Restoration
Used Arrow Boards, Unit Restorations, and Rental Units

In these budget cutting times we must all find ways to save money and cut costs while still keeping quality in our business. At K&K Systems we have a unique process to save our customers money. We recycle and refurbish your old Arrow Boards. We simply take your old units, regardless of condition or brand of product, and rebuild them, add up to date K&K technology and improved capability. They look like new. This service typically saves you the customer nearly 50% over the cost of a new unit and comes complete with a new product warranty. Often these costs can also be expensed or applied to maintenance budgets rather than to new equipment costing.

Do you have old Arrow Boards
that don’t work?

Give us a call at 888-414-3003 to discuss your equipment. We will prepare a FREE estimate on a retrofit and/or replacement parts.

What are our customers saying?

“I didn’t realize I was getting a brand new sign”
“I was shocked at the way they looked”

Why Refurbish your signs?

  • Save up to 50% off the list price of equivalent equipment
  • Extend your budget and implement K&K`s advanced technologies
  • Stop renting equipment because your signs are not working
  • Cut down on maintenance cost associated with older equipment and technology
  • Use existing insurance with sign because it is just an “upgrade”
  • No re-inventory of equipment because we use existing trailer
  • Get a1 year warranty on the parts we have replaced
  • Refurb process is executed with the highest standards
  • The green choice – Minimize your environmental impact; reduce, reuse, recycle, refurbish