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General Specifications

Sign Display  Specifications:

  • Height:  36”
  • Length:  72”
  • Width:  3 3/8”
  • Material:
    • .080 Aluminum frame 36”x72” w/ (2) 35¾” cross members
    • .063 Aluminum front panel 36”x72”
    • .063 Aluminum back panel 36”x72”
  • Paint:  All powder coated,  Flat black finish to reduce glare
  • Salt Spray Fog:  1,000 hours
  • UV Resistance:  500 hours
  • LED bulbs:  (25) yellow/amber Par 46 LED’s with 360° high impact plastic visor
  • Push on type connectors to prevent separation due to vibration during travel and operation.

Photocell Assembly

  • Monitors ambient light conditions and adjusts brightness accordingly

Power and Charging

  • Electronic Circuitry:Solid state, reverse polarity protection,properly fused, disconnects on all cables.

25 Light Control Box:

  • Auto – automatically adjusts the power to the lights from 100% (daytime use) to 50% (nighttime use)depending on the ambient light. The auto dimming is controlled through a photocell mounted in thebottom of each arrow board where it will be protected from vehicle headlights and street lamps.
  • Bright – maintains 100% power to the lights regardless of the ambient light.
  • Dim – maintains 50% power to the lights regardless of ambient light.
  • The Control Box has (12) flashing modes to choose from:
  • Single flashing arrow Left
  • Single flashing arrow Right
  • Sequential arrow Left
  • Sequential arrow Right
  • Double flashing arrow
  • Caution alternating diamonds
  • Caution center bar
  • Caution four corners
  • Chevron Left
  • Chevron Right
  • Stem arrow Left
  • Stem arrow Right

Control Functions:

  • Power Switch – Provides power from the control box to the Arrow Board
  • Power Indicator Light – The LED indicates the Control Box has power and is ready for operation• Fuse – Protects the wiring from damage in the event of a malfunction
  • Mode Selector – Provides selection of the warning modes.
  • Manual Dim Switch – Provides the user with the ability to override the photocell used for theautomatic dimming when an unusual situation occurs (such as the vehicle being parked under astreetlight at night).