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ADD80W Additional 80 watt solar panel.
ADDB06225 Add battery pack with two-6 volt batteries for a total of 225 amps.
ADDBB552514 Additional cabinet with wiring to fit large style trailer
CELL-FEE Fee for setting up the modem.
CELL-MODEM Cell modem.
CPAINT Custom Paint: other than white, orange or black  (15 day lead time).
CT Conspicuity tape 16 ft (reflective).
CELL FEE Fee for setting up the modem.
EXB12480 Replace battery pack with 12 volt 480 amp battery.
EXT-P1 Extended power package.  160 watts of solar power, six (6) additional 6-volt batteries and cabinet.
HM Hour Meter.
RADAR Radar.
T&R Solar tilt & rotate.
TAXL Axle lock for anti theft.
TBBD Bulldog coupler & adjustable height channel.
TBPR Pintle ring hitch coupler & adjustable height channel.
TEB Electric brakes.
TEXOT Extendable out riggers.
THB Hydraulic brakes.
TLLN Locking lug nuts.
TLT LED taillights.
TP Tow plate – 4″ x 6″ angle with 2″ ball
TPLUG-6 6-round contact to 4-flat adaptor
TPLUG-7 7-round contact to 4-flat adaptor
TPLUGA-6 6 contact metal connector with spring.
TPLUGA-7 7 contact metal connector with spring.
TSKID Anti-skid tape on fenders and battery compartment.
TSTAT Traffic Statistics package.  Able to download important traffic stats through radar.  Downloadable to a user provided laptop.  (NOT ER10)
TTS 15″ spare tire with mount.