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Question: What do you replace when you refurbish the units?

Answer: This depends on what is wrong with your unit and what you wish to get fixed. On every unit we will replace display with a new display, cabinet and a new control system with state of the art technology. Also, we can repaint your old trailers, replace broken jacks, taillights, trailer wiring, tires, etc.


Question:  Why would I refurbish my old signs?

Answer: Simple.  You can almost get a new unit for about half the cost of a new system.  In the hard economic times, this is a no brainer.


 Question:  Can you refurbish any brand name sign?

Answer: Yes, we can refurbish any brand of sign.


 Question: Does a warranty come with the refurb?

Answer: Our refurbished parts come with a one year warranty.


Question: Can you pick up and deliver our units?

Answer: Yes, we can pick up and deliver your units, if needed.


 Question: Can I keep the existing insurance on the unit?

Answer: You should be able to keep your existing insurance on the refurbished signs because we are just rebuilding your existing equipment. We have had customers in the past to do so, but check with you insurance company to make sure.


Question: Can I keep my existing tag?

Answer: Yes, because we are not providing you with a new trailer.  You will still have the same VIN number on your trailer.


Question: How much can I save by refurbishing my units?

Answer: On average, you save about half the cost of a new changeable message sign.


 Question: What’s the turn around on a refurb?

Answer: Our typical lead time is approx 4-6 weeks.