School Zone Beacon ECO-112-S12
School Zone ECO Beacons

The ECO-112-S12 solar school zone flasher beacon helps to keep children and adults safe on roadways by cautioning oncoming traffic to be vigilant of pedestrians when flashing. Solar School Zone flasher beacons are used to help warn vehicular traffic of reduced speed limits and increased pedestrian traffic. ECO Beacons are a more compact, energy efficient system that makes installation and maintenance simple. Standard with an off the shelf battery and our SPLasher beacon control system, our beacons are made to last!

ECO112-S12 on Pole

* Shown with optional signage and
Round Aluminum Crash Tested Pole


Solar flashing beaconThe Solar School Zone Beacon only utilizes the most up to date solar and electronics to maintain power levels thru rain, shine, sleet, or snow

Solar flashing beacon

LED technology increases life expectancy of the solar beacon and also burns less energy than conventional bulbs

Solar flashing beacon

Meets MUTCD (Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices)

Solar flashing beacon

The 7 day Programmable timer module allows you to program in advance what days the solar beacons will be activated, not be activated, and time of day they are activated

Solar flashing beacon

The system fits into Safe Routes to School (SRTS) infrastructure funding models

Solar flashing beacon

NCHRP 350 Crash Tested and Accepted (National Cooperative Highway Research Program)

Solar flashing beacon

Meets ITE Standards (Institute of Transportation Engineers)

7 Day Timer:Program in
advance, the days and times
the beacon should be activated.



Compact Control Box-ECO Beacons

ECO Solar Beacon Options
ADD10W Additional 10 watt solar panel.
ADD20W Additional 20 watt solar panel.
DED-LED Deduct 12″ LED and housing
ECO-R ECO Solar Beacon Radar for Vehicles.  Speed range:  5-99 mph.  Also can be set for KPH
ECO-RP ECO Solar Beacon Radar for Pedestrians.  Speed range:  .5-38 mph.
ECO-RTM ECO Solar Beacon Radar for Towmotor.  Speed range:  .2-16 mph.
ECO-SS ECO Solar Beacon Speed Selector switch designed to set threshold to trigger radar.  Set in 5 minute increments.
Standard Options
CCTR-15 COMPLETE 15′ SPUN POLE KIT TO INCLUDE ALL MOUNTING HARDWARE.  15′ crash tested 4″ round aluminum spun pole with pedestal base, top cap, anchor bolts, signal head mount arm and control box mount.
CTR-MB Mounting hardware per cabinet (if K&K CTR pole not purchased) to include:  pole plate with set screw; 1 1/2″ nipple; tristud elbow with set screw; rubber washer and box bracket.
CTR-MH Mounting hardware per head (if K&K CTR pole not purchased) to include:  pole plate with set screw; 6″ nipple; tristud elbow with set screw.
CrossTalk and SPLasher Options
CrossTalk Wireless Beacon Control System
CTS-BPMS Bollard Pedestrian Motion Sensor – (for CrossTalk or SPLasher)
CTS-B Bollard – Height: 42″ (for CrossTalk or SPLasher)
CTS-HWS High Water Sensor – 12V epoxy-coated sensor; housed in high impact PVC construction; will detect any conductive non-flammable liquid.  (for CrossTalk or SPLasher)
CTS-MS Moisture Sensor – Dual 12V epoxy-coated sensors; no mechanical parts; triggered by a moisture bridge across the sensor contacts.  (for CrossTalk or SPLasher)
SPL-FSC Fire Station Control – Includes splasher and antenna; 12V power supply; momentary push-button switch; LED light when powered on.  (for SPLasher only)
SPL-DBF Double Button Fob – Double button for powering unit on to time out or for immediate cut-off  (700 ft line-of-sight range).  (for SPLasher only)
SPL-SBF Single Button Fob – Single button for powering unit on to time out (700 ft line-of-sight range).  (for SPLasher only)
SPL-RFA RF Antenna –  2.4ghz CE, FCC approved RF-DANT with built in RF-DP  (1200 ft line-of-sight range).  (for SPLasher only)
SPL-RPB Radio and Push Button Kit.  Wireless Pedestrian Communication System (CrossWalk)
SWK Switch, key operated.

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ECO-112-S12 wiring

ECO-112-S12 specs

PT-7 7 Day Timer Manual