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K&K Sign

The Mini Messenger is a small, one line variable message sign capable of displaying  arrow patterns and text. This Message Board is ideal for city/county vehicle fleets, volunteer emergency personnel, road maintenance crews, and so much more. Mount the sign on the back of a truck tailgate and display your message while the maintenance crew is up ahead mowing medians or patching roads. Emergency personnel can let drivers know there has been an accident and they need to move over or slow down. Equipped with a wireless controller, you can manager the sign from inside the comfort of the cab of the truck or just down the road.

Tailgate Truck Mount   


Mini Message Board Rear and Side View

For emergency vehicles or maintenance vehicles that need to warn traffic of accidents or highway maintenance up ahead, our mini messenger can be easily attached to the tailgate to display a message and can be easily removed when finished, or mounted over the cab for greater visibility.


Optional Over Cab Mount

Mini Messenger - Police Version SMALL


Optional Radar Add-On

Side-front view
Our optional message board add-on increases the driver feedback signs effectiveness by notifying the drivers of excessive speeds to slow down. Program any message that you want to display when a driver violates the speed threshold. When that threshold is met, the message board will flash the programmed message so that drivers might realize they are violating the speed limit.



Easy-To-Use Software and Wireless Controller

Mini Messenger Controller-DO NOT PASS- small file


Our easy-to-use wireless controller stores up to 99 messages. Quickly power on or off the message board or change the message on the message board.




Program up to 99 messages on a laptop or desktop. Simply connect the controller to the computer using a USB cord and save your message to the controller. Customize your message by selecting a scrolling, flashing, or static message; choose bold or italic text, or divide the display area into one, two, or three text areas.Don’t need a message anymore? Delete or edit already saved messages.