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ADD20W Additional 20 watt solar panel.
ADD10-1D KPH option, additional third number character (ER10 Series only)
ADD-BT Bluetooth for wireless downloading of traffic stats.
BCH-1202 2 amp battery charger
BCH-1212 12 amp battery charger.
CPAINT Custom Paint: other than white, orange or black  (15 day lead time).
CT Conspicuity tape 16 ft (reflective).
BCH-1202 2 amp battery charger
ER10-STAT-599 Traffic Stats Package (ER10 Series only)
ER10-WK Wheel Kit – Two (2) 10″ wheels plus mounting hardware for dolly conversion.    (LT-ER10 only)
HM Hour Meter.
PT-7 Seven day timer.
PTC-1 DC – 365-day programmable timer module.
REM20W Remove 20 watt solar panel and add 2 amp battery charger from trailer mounted radars.
TAXL Axle lock for anti theft.
TBBD Bulldog coupler & adjustable height channel.
TBPR Pintle ring hitch coupler & adjustable height channel.
TLLN Locking lug nuts.
TLT LED taillights.
TP Tow plate – 4″ x 6″ angle with 2″ ball
TPLUG-6 6-round contact to 4-flat adaptor
TPLUG-7 7-round contact to 4-flat adaptor
TPLUGA-6 6 contact metal connector with spring.
TPLUGA-7 7 contact metal connector with spring.
TTS-12 12″ spare tire with mount.    (LT ONLY))
USB9 USB to 9 pin