Sign Alert Systems

Regulatory Sign Alert Systems

Sign Alert PoleSolar Stop Sign Alert, Solar Yield Sign Alert, Solar Wrong Way Sign Alert, and Many More! K&K Systems can make any sign a Sign Alert Sign. If you don't see a sign you need, contact our sales department for a product quote.

Warning Signs

Intersection warningSolar Warning Sign Alert Systems -  intersection warning, railroad crossings,  and  dangerous curves, K&K Systems has a Sign Alert System for your needs! Our advanced Warning Sign Alert Systems are high intensity signage optimized with LED inserts to enhance the sign and create advanced warning to drivers.

Sensor Activated Systems

High Water SignK&K Systems Sensor Activated Sign Alert Systems include Moisture Sensor and High Water Sensor activated Sign Alerts. Equipped with sensitive  sensors to detect the first sign of moisture or rising water levels, our Sensor Activated Sign Alerts provide advanced warning of road conditions to drivers to ensure the proper safety precautions can be utilized.

Timer Activated Systems

School Zone Speed limit on Pole (6)K&K SystemsSign Alerts can be timer activated to activate the Sign Alert's LEDs during specific times whether it be during and after school hours, rush hour on a busy street, or before and after factory hours. Our Timer Activated Systems utilizes an easy to use 7 day timer that pre-programs activation start times and the duration.

Crosswalk Systems

Crosswalk Sign AlertK&K Systems’ Sign Alert™ Crosswalk Systems are designed for areas that need Sign Alerts to warn traffic of pedestrians. Once the Sign Alert's ultra-bright LEDs start to flash, vehicular traffic will be warned that pedestrians are in the area and to use caution when approaching designated areas.

Emergency Warning

emergency on poleK&K Systems’ Sign Alert™ Emergency Warning Systems are designed for areas that need Sign Alerts to be activated only in emergency situations. Example: When fire trucks, ambulances, and other emergency vehicles exit the premises and need to get out quickly, safely, and in a timely manner, emergency personnel can activate the Sign Alert using the system’s wireless remote control and let vehicular traffic know to use extreme caution when approaching the area.

MUTCD Sign Alert Poster

Solar-Sign-Alert-PosterDownload our Sign Alert Poster featuring the MUTCD signs with sizes and codes for easy ordering information. Turn any MUTCD sign into a Sign Alert. See the possibilities of SMART Sign Alert Systems with our optional attachments. FREE to download.