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Emergency Warning

K&K Systems’ Sign Alert™ Emergency Warning Systems are designed for areas that need Sign Alerts to be activated only in emergency situations. Example: When fire trucks, ambulances, and other emergency vehicles exit the premises and need to get out quickly, safely, and in a timely manner, emergency personnel can activate the Sign Alert using the system’s wireless remote control and let vehicular traffic know to use extreme caution when approaching the area.

Our package comes standard with an “on” key fob that works up to a distance of 700 feet. The key fob communicates wirelessly with our built-in CrossTalk device in the solar control box. Once the “on” button is pushed, the Sign Alert will flash for the programmed time. This feature allows the emergency personnel to activate the Sign Alert when heading to an emergency and when returning to ensure quick and easy departure and return.

emergency on pole



Back of sign alert (small)


A totally enclosed back helps protect the wiring and keep the LEDs weatherproof.




Ultra-bright LEDs are Visible day or night and through all weather conditions.

CrossTalk CrossWalk with key fob

Our smart controller auto dims the ultra-bright LEDs to preserve battery life and increase brightness.Emergency Warning Sign Alert Systems come standard with a key fob and wireless antenna that can reach ranges up to 700′.

New Solar battery box- with crosstalk

Sign Alerts compact solar panel houses the “off the shelf” battery, the smart controller, and all controls for a more light weight, compact design.


CrossTalk CrossWalk with push button

Available as an optional upgrade, install a push button inside of your fire station or emergency facility to quickly activate the emergency warning sign alert before you head out the door. The push button option works up to a 1,200′ range.



Sign Alert LED Options



Our standard Emergency Warning Sign Alert Systems come standard with four LEDs, one in each corner. Add an additional four LEDs to create an even more illuminate sign.

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