School Zone Pedestrian
Timer Activated Systems

K&K Systems’ Sign Alert™ School Zone Pedestrian Signs are designed to warn drivers of entering school zones and to remind drivers to be cautious of pedestrians while approaching area.  Whether in congested cities, or on rural and remote roadways, K&K Systems’ Sign Alert School Zone Pedestrian Signs are visible in all weather conditions.

School Zone Sign Alert Systems operate with a programmable 7 day timer at top performance with our auto dimming and multi-stage battery charger features built into our smart controller. Our Sign Alert Systems have multiple options available to enhance their performance and to increase safety.


FEATURES    School Zone pedestrian sign alert

Ultra-bright LEDs are Visible day or night and through all weather conditions.

Compact Battery-solar box

Sign Alerts compact solar panel houses the “off the shelf” battery, the smart controller, and all controls for a more light weight, compact design.

SPLasher (16 mode)All-in-one solar beacon controller with maximum power point tracking, flasher, and auto-dimmer. With the adjustable mode, you can adjust the duty cycle of the SPLasher Beacon Contoller from 90/10 to 50/50 and change the flashers to activate for 24-7, 30 minutes, 3 minutes, or 1 minute.





School Zone pedestrian LED comparison

Our standard School Zone Pedestrian Sign Alert System come standard withfive LEDs, one in each corner. Add an additional five LEDs to create an even more illuminate sign.


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