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Warning Signs

K&K Systems’ Sign Alert™ Warning Signs are designed to warn drivers of dangerous curves, intersections, or crossings and to caution drivers when approaching these areas. Ultra-bright LEDs bring the sign to life at night when drivers might not otherwise know they are approaching dangerous roadways. Whether in congested cities, or on rural and remote roadways, K&K Systems’ Sign Alert Warning Signs are visible in all weather conditions. Warning Sign Alert Systems operate 24 hours a day – 7 days a week with our auto dimming and multi-stage battery charger features built into our smart controller. Our Sign Alert Systems have multiple options available to enhance their performance and to increase safety. Pictured is the intersection ahead warning, however any standard warning sign can be used.

Intersection warning


Back of sign (small)


A totally enclosed back helps protect the wiring and keep the LEDs weatherproof.



Ultra-bright LEDs are Visible day or night and through all weather conditions.

SPLasher (16 mode)

Our smart controller auto dims the ultra-bright LEDs to preserve battery life and increase brightness.Emergency Warning Sign Alert Systems come standard with a key fob and wireless antenna that can reach ranges up to 700′.

Compact Battery-solar box

Sign Alerts compact solar panel houses the “off the shelf” battery, the smart controller, and all controls for a more light weight, compact design.

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Warning Sign alert
 Our standard Warning Sign Alert Systems come standard with four LEDs, one in each corner. Add an additional four LEDs to create an even more illuminate sign.



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