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Flashing 24 hours a day, seven days a week, the model 118-D12 Hazard beacon is an advanced 24-hour solar flasher. Whether in congested cities, or on rural and remote roadways, the 24/7 Hazard flasher are used to help warn vehicular traffic to possible hazardous areas or intersections ahead. dangerous curves, stop ahead, dangerous crossings, road construction, and speed zones are just a few of the many applications where solar stationary flashing beacons will enhance the visibility of roadway signage.

Hazard Beacon 118-D12* Shown with optional signage and Round Aluminum Crash Tested Pole

Our Solar Stop Beacons utilize the most up to date solar and electronics to maintain power levels through rain, shine, sleet, or snow

LED technology increases life expectancy of the beacon and also burns less energy than conventional bulbs

Meets MUTCD (Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices)



Meets ITE Standards (Institute of Transportation Engineers)

The system fits into Safe Routes to School (SRTS) infrastructure funding models

NCHRP 350 Crash Tested and Accepted (National Cooperative Highway Research Program)


Our SPLasher device is a compact, all-in-one solar controller, flasher, and auto-dimmer for flasher beacons. The way it works is energy efficient and simple! The SPLasher uses Maximum Power point Tracking (MPPT) which extracts maximum power from the solar panel regardless of the environment.

SPLasher (2-27-14)