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Equipped with a moisture sensor that activates the hazard beacons when sensor detects moisture and system is deactivated once the moisture leaves. This system is ideal for those locations that are notorious for those moist conditions that could cause traffic accidents due to the roads being slippery. With this system accidents are kept to a minimum in those areas for the very reason the drivers are cautioned of road conditions.


The Solar School Zone only utilizes the most up to date solar and electronics to maintain power levels through rain, shine, sleet, or snow


LED technology increases life expectancy of the beacon and also burns less energy than conventional bulbs



Meets MUTCD (Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices)


NCHRP 350 Crash Tested and Accepted (National Cooperative Highway Research Program)


Meets ITE Standards (Institute of Transportation Engineers)


Our SPLasher device is a compact, all-in-one solar controller, flasher, and auto-dimmer for flasher beacons. The way it works is energy efficient and simple! The SPLasher uses Maximum Power point Tracking (MPPT) which extracts maximum power from the solar panel regardless of the environment. This is how it works with our moisture sensor activation: The SPLasher is inside the control cabinet of the beacon with the moisture sensor hooked up in the “switch”activation port. When the sensor senses moisture on the road, it’ll tell the SPLasher, which will tell the flashers to activate. Once the sensor no longer senses moisture, the flashers will cut off automatically.

SPLasher (2-27-14)