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Question: How long does the batteries last?

Answer: Typically the average life span of a battery is anywhere from 3-5 years.


Question: If I furnish my own battery or need to replace what type do I need?

Answer: Sealed 7.5 amp hour deep cycle battery.


Question: Do you provide a battery with the system?

Answer:  Yes, we provide two 7.5 amp hour batteries.


Question: What is the typical battery backup? (days to run without solar input)

Answer: Our standard systems have at least 7-10 days of battery backup.


Question:  Does signage come with the unit?

Answer:  Our standard system does not come with a sign but it may be purchased as an option. Please see our options tab for further information.


Question:  If I purchase the optional signage can the speed limit be modified to meet my existing speed limit?

Answer:  Yes. When you place order or need quote simply inform our sales team of the desired speed limit.


Question:  How many hours a day are these systems designed to run?

Answer:  Our Systems are designed to run anywhere from 1-2 hours per day.


Question: Do I furnish my own pole or can I purchase on from your company?

Answer:  You can do whichever is most convenient for you. If you would like to use your existing pole simply let us know what type of pole you will be mounting to so we can supply the correct mounting hardware or If you would like us to provide a pole please see our optional poles under the options tab on the website.


Question:  What is the lead time for these systems?

Answer:  our typical lead time is 4-6 weeks ARO.


Question:  Can the system be AC powered?

Answer: Yes the system can be AC powered we will use our standard DC powered system without the solar and add a power supply in its place to convert the ac power coming in to our DC powered system.


Question:  Do you provide any installation, mounting, and wiring instructions?

Answer:  Yes we do provide all this information and more available on our website for each model under “Support Documents”.


Question:  How do I program the 7 day timer and is it easy to program?

Answer:  The 7 day timer is easy to program and you will find programming instructions on our website for each model under “Support Documents”.


Question:  How large are the beacons?

Answer:  The LED beacons are 12 inches.


Question:  Where is the batteries and controls for this unit?

Answer:  The Batteries and controls are inside the polycarbonate traffic signal heads behind LED bulbs.


Question:  Do the LED beacons flash alternately with one another or together?

Answer:  The LED beacons alternately in vertical position.