Specialty Lights

Regulatory Signs - Portable

portable regulatory sign-series pageK&K`s portable signs provide a platform for displaying temporary signage. Extremely compact and portable, K&K`s portable regulatory signs offer easy roadside placement, quickly and easily folding for transport. A wide variety of sign sizes can be attached, come equipped with your choice of two or four par 46 led beacons to make more noticeable. Power for the beacons comes from onboard batteries, which are recharged using solar power.

Traffic Signal Slave - Portable

traffic signal-series pageK&k Systems has design a portable traffic signal to work as a slave unit to your existing controls that you have. This portable sign system can be used in applications where you have traffic signal controls at a location but you have not yet put up your permanent traffic signal or the signal has been damaged and you need a temporary fix to get you up and running till your permanent signals are restored or replaced.

Warning Lights - Portable

warning lights-series pageQuickly sets up in 3-5 minutes when you have an emergency situation, need temporary traffic control or flagger enhanced lighting. Will extend to more than 10 feet in height and is self contained in a heavy duty treaded aluminum case, lined with polyurethane foam inserts to protect the unit during storage and transport.

"B" Warning Lights - Solar

b light-series pageThe “B” warning light is a self contained solar system, designed to warn motorists of roadwork, speed reduction and many other situations where it is important for a driver to get advance warning. In zones where no power is available, the “B” light’s solar power can be a great benefit. Solar power provides a reliable power source when there is no other power. This is the type of situation found at a construction area. All systems have a solar module, 7” LED B-light and energy pack. A “right to left” swivel lock is incorporated in the mounting pole for redirection.

Navigational Lights

nav light-series pageK&K Systems Navigational Lights are used to guide traffic through navigable waters. Designed to keep the bridges located over navigable waters safe and cost effective. Our Navigational lights have an Approved Coast Guard LED Beacon, solar powered, self contained, dusk to dawn operation, no more power failures, 100,000 hour LED beacon.