Rails to Trails

K&K Systems was recently contracted to custom build a safety system for both pedestrians and drivers for a project called Tanglefoot Trail. Tanglefoot Trail is a redesign project that is transforming old railroad tracks to a fun, safe trail for recreational use. The system we created will function as a motion sensor beacon. Motion detectors will be placed facing both directions on the trail. When the motion detector senses movement on the trail, the beacons on the road will begin to flash yellow, warning drivers to be cautious at the intersecting trail, and the beacons on the trail will begin to flash red, indicating for all trail-goers to stop at the upcoming intersecting roadway.

Safety was a major concern for officials and developers. That is why K&K was asked to build an application that will help to decrease pedestrian hazards where the pathway intersects major highways. There are three different highways that intersect at three different locations on the trail.  Tanglefoot Trail is not yet open to the public, but officials hope to have the path ready soon.

This is the article from Pontotoc Progress in Pontotoc, MS. K&K Maintenance Crew carefully installed the motion sensor beacons in one intersection.

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