Sign Alerts

Intersection-AheadIf you haven’t checked out one of newest product lines – Sign Alerts – you should! What are “Sign Alerts?” Sign Alerts are MUTCD compliant signs with flashing LEDs embedded in the sign to create a more noticeable sign – to create awareness of what’s up ahead. LEDs come in amber, red, or white and are coordinated by sign choice. For example: If you want a stop sign and you want to make it a sign alert, we’ll embed red LEDs into the stop sign. Now those approaching a hard-to-see intersection know there’s a stop sign ahead. We have regular sign alerts like stop signs, intersection ahead, yield, etc. that flash 24/7, but we also have what we call SMART Sign Alert Systems. these are Sign Alert Systems that do not flash 24-7. In fact, they are activated by some sore of object or action.




SMART Sign Alert Systems


Timer Activated Systems – this includes school zones, construction zones, and even factories.




Remote Activated Systems – this includes emergency fleets such as fire trucks or ambulatory fleets that need to exit the premises quickly and safely.



Push Button Activated Systems – this includes crosswalks and pedestrian crossing (including school crossings) applications


Sensor Activated Systems – this includes systems that are activated by rain or sleet and systems that are activated by high water levels. These are particularly great for bridges that could flood or freeze.



These are just a few of the many applications that our sign alerts are used for, but certainly don’t limit the uses to only these suggestions! We recommend our Sign Alerts for any situation. If you want a sign with LEDs embedded into the sign – Just ask us! We’ll be able to custom design any system for your situation.

Download our SignAlert App in the iTunes Store!  Get an instant idea of how much a SignAlert would cost you with or without options,  with different number of LEDs, or with a different size sign.  **Android App coming soon!

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