Ways Stretch Your Dollar at K&K

Look at this amazing transformation! Sentinel Construction out of Franklin, TN had a few arrow boards that needed a facelift and minor maintenance. With our Restoration Program, Sentinel Construction was able to stretch a dollar and revamp their older arrow boards. The picture on the left is the arrow board they sent us – as is. The picture on the right is the SAME arrow board with a new paint job, new LEDs, new controller box, a new winch system, and up-to-date K&K Technology. The difference in the two pictures is outstanding! Not only did Sentinel Construction save a little money by having their unit restored, but also, they have a new arrow board that looks and operates like a brand new arrow board.

Arrow Board Restoration

Restoration isn’t the only way to stretch your dollar. K&K offers many options to get you the unit or system that you need.

You can RENT

We offer used and new rental units for job of all sizes and kinds. If your job is just temporary or you need a short term replacement, renting is far more cost effective than purchasing a brand new unit. Daily, weekly, bi-weekly, weekend, and monthly rates are available to meet your needs.

You can RESTORE your old units

As mentioned above, we can restore your existing unit to make it look and function like a brand new unit. The cost is a fraction of the price of purchasing a brand new unit, and you get up-to-date technology.

You can TRADE IN your old units

Swap one of your old units for a discount on the purchase of a new or used unit! We’ll examine the value of your unit and apply that amount towards your purchase of a new or used unit.

You can FINANCE the cost of new or used units

Financing lets you save your cash to use in other ways! Financing is quick and easy! With fast approvals, the purchase of your new K&K Unit is basically in your hands when you ask for it.

Lastly, you can BUY USED units

We have many used message boards and arrow boards that have been restored and updated with the latest technology. Backed by the K&K Guarantee – It’ll work just like it was brand new!


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